Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sh*t Our Sherrif Says

TODAY, election day, voting day, here in Charlotte, North Carolina, is once again cold, dank, overcast. I made it out relatively early, got in line with the senior citizens and a couple of community college kids mid morning, and cast my vote. Against. Against all the racist assholes who are absolutely RABIDLY opposed to the entire notion of having a black president. He's RUINING THE COUNTRY! By being . . . SOCIALIST! Yeah, THAT's the ticket.
(But for the president, too, really. He didn't do that bad. But, lest you think my support is unconditional, let me offer you one word: weatherstripping. You watch your ass!)
Anyways. A cold, dank day is a good day for stew. With cheese. And hey-- you recognize that bread? By my count, this makes FIVE meals this loaf of bread has come to the aid of. Your work here is done, my friend.

This is something that cropped up at a media review site I frequent, and looked like it might be pretty good. It ended up getting stuck into the machine one night, rather late in the game, actually, after we had exhausted the last episode of Fringe season four, and I just couldn't find anything else on. And it was alright. There were some interesting relationship notes in it, the acting was all reasonable, and the plot worked well enough in the end. It's been touted as a comedy-horror, which is fair enough, but, honestly, I didn't find it all that funny. I mean, funny enough. And the actors! Specifically: Karen Black! And Barry Bostwick, always welcome, especially here, where he played the local sheriff as a cross between Bob Dole and Bill Shatner. Wacky, a little out of it, but authoritative and cocksure. Fun stuff. Oh, and the murder scenes were nicely over the top. But when they finally fingered the fiend, eh. Not that big a shock, and not that good a reason for all the vengeance. Kind of like seeing who, in your local region, ended up joining the Tea Baggers.
So do I recommend it? Not really. Voting is over-rated. People used to say-- some still do!-- that we get the government we deserve, but that fails to realize that there's this giant set of political machinery set up to make sure that we NEVER get the government we deserve, whether that means we deserve a good one or a bad one. I mean, I had to vote for a woman whom I know, for a fact, to be a blithering idiot, just so we had a better chance of not electing a homophobic racist. This stew came from a can. You ought to make your stew from scratch, really. But this was good enough for me, on election day. And there was cheese! Lots and lots of cheese. Some Guy Who Kills People was good enough, certainly. But it didn't quite live up to its title. Oddly enough.
Last note: the labels are what came up as possibilities whan the spell checker didn't like "baggers." Happy election day.

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