Thursday, April 04, 2013

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

 SO I QUIT this awhile back, because they had decided everybody wanted to upload things from their iPhones. Or something like that. All I know for certain is that I couldn't find the browse to upload images button, and, well, anyone who's ever read anything here should know that not being able to upload pics would completely destroy what little purpose my works have. This is something I have been doing off and on for the better part of a month, kind of an approximation of the sort of thing you'd get at an Arby's or Hardee's (or, out west, Carl's Jr.), essentially a pile of meat on a bun drenched in cheese. With condiments, although I had the advantage of being able to put them on before I piled the meat and goo pile on, which, as any fast food afficiando should understand, makes all the difference in the world. The Sierra Nevada, of course, speaks for itself. Either you've had one or you have no idea what I would be talking about were I to try to describe it. The Pyramid Discord dark dry-hopped IPA is something I picked up last week, and had been rather underwhelmed by, but paired with the cheddar cheese-- sorry, that's a pile of Oscar Meyer Deli Sliced Cracked Black Pepper Turkey enveloped in two slices of mild cheddar cheese-- it really sang. Highly recommended, at long last.
This is one of my favorite movies, and certainly my favorite surfing movie. I'm not really going to review it, except to say that it is beautiful and wonderful and you shouls see it. My main point in reviewing it is to note that, having thought briefly that the soundtrack itself might be a mighty neat thing to own, I looked it up at Amazon and found that I could get the soundtrack for roughly twice the price of the DVD. Which, y'know, maybe some other time. I'd have to be feeling mighty generous, and probably also ordering a bunch of stuff from Amazon at the time. Because how that goes in this day and age. But anyways, yeah, I recommend it. The flick, not the soundtrack.

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