Sunday, December 27, 2009

Plate o' Ding Dongs

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's A Yule-Tide!

THIS IS NOT today's lunch. This was lunch sometime last week, when I decided that the Pyramid's Thunderhead IPA was not actually heavy enough to trounce the famous Jamaican patty with eggs and cheese etcetera etcetera, and it was, in fact, a pretty even match. For those interested in such things, the Thunderhead, which I have just now decided will be known, in our household, as the Dunderhead, is a fairly serious IPA, not only in the spicyness of the hop (the hops here are spicy, almost hot really, where the recent trend in American IPA's is currently towards a flowery high note), but also in the ABV, which is a respectable 6.1. Not enough to ruin your afternoon, by any means, but respectable.

The lunch of the day was a club sandwich and a crock of steak stew, which my bartender suggested qualified under the soup and sandwich option on the menu, only to be informed, upon preparing to serve me, that it didn't. (Bless the lad, he didn't say a word about this to me until after I had started eating, so I was not in danger of doing anything about it.) A picture would have in no way done it justice.

And I also mean to say: sorry for not blogging sooner. Been busy. Christmas, etc.

The movie of the day is my Christmas present to myself, speaking of which.

Well, one of them. The Wifey and I have basically gotten to the stage where Christmas is each of us going online and ordering whatever we want. Which, frankly, is as good a way of doing it as any. (Also, there always end up being a suprise gift or two we give each other, which is fine.) This is one of those movies I often find myself justifying, but I'm not going to bother this time. I love it. That is all ye know and all ye need to know. I have found myself thinking, a coupla time recently, that it might be a good thing to have on hand. What I have especially been thinking is that I wish the movie channels still had it in rotation, and gee, if I had my own copy, I could be watching it right now.

So now I do and I am. And I am also taking the oportunity to listen to the audio commentary by Peter Bogdanovich. Which is fine, but, as commentaries sometimes do, has the effect of obscuring a fair amount of the dialogue. So I will watch it this way this afternoon, and then I may watch it straight up tomorrow.

Soon rather soon, this will be the movie of the evening. Complete with halter top and hump-me-pumps!

The Wifey stuck it in the queue, and Netflix will send it dutifully along. I know, I know. I said never, ever, not in a million years, but in the interim, I have decided that enough critics whose opinion I trust (read: The Onion AV Guys) have found reason to like it that I might as well give it a chance. There's supposed to be some superb acting, and what one of the reviewers has refered to as a "plot twist" may actually, I anticipate, be the punchline to an elaborate set-piece gag. Which, if this is the case, could be well worth the seeing. So we'll see.

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