Monday, July 16, 2012

Chef's Salad Sandwich

Which would be a great name for a collection of Emerson, Lake & Palmer take-offs. There will be very little commentary or narration or whatver you might call it, mainly just a sequence of pics showing you How I Did It. (Except to say that the first pic shows you boiled egg, sliced & distributed on a layer of bleu cheese dressing and sparkled with salt & pepper. And I hadda add that last pic, after I got the mound of chips on the plate. Just seemed like the right thing to do.)

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!

THIS IS NOT today's lunch. It's Monday's lunch, which was a Cobb salad, whether you like it or not. (The Wifey's response to this picture, via Yahoo Messenger, was "Sheesh. Meat salad." Which I think she meant to convey a combined sense of disgust and envy.)
Today's lunch is Chinese buffet, which, as the Wifey pointed out, is the most patriotic thing we could do on July 4th, our Independence day. (Actually it's the Ichiban Buffet, which I ought to describe as the Mass Gluttononian Buffet. They got everything from sushi to hibachi grill to Chinese authentic and fake to pizza and loaded potato skins.) On TV, you could watch Band of Brothers on Spike, except that it'll be wracked with commercials. On TV land, you could watch an Andy Griffith Show marathon, because, after all, rest in peace, good friend. You did well. (Hallmark has a Matlock-a-thon, and why the hell not.) If you have HBO, you could watch their excellent series John Adams; if you have HBOL, you could watch it in Spanish. Me, I chose to watch Ghostbusters, and then Animal House, followed by Ghostbusters again, just to kill time until the Wifey calls to let me know she and our good friend Stephany have done shopping at the Goodwill store and are on their way to the Ichi.
Selah. Happy birthday, America. I love ya, dummy.
(PS: Later today, Comedy Central has teed up two eps of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: "Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass," and, of course, "The Gang Cracks The Liberty Bell." Lovely. Just lovely.)

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